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no interest in broadband


no interest in broadband

35% not intersted in broadband according to your poll - is this lack of interest down to the inability of BT to provide access to anyone beyond the working distance of two tins and a piece of string from their nearest exchange. i have read that BT plan to roll out mid band - 128k access with always on email - with 97% coverage by 2004 - i put money on being in that 3%. When plusnet get 128k up and running (its been a long time coming)will we be with an isp who can make the most of this halfway house to broadband, i hope so.

RE: no interest in broadband

Maybe the poll should have had separate options for those cant get it due to BT, and those who just dont want it regardless.

And i'm still not entirely sure why i get presented with this poll every time i log in when there isnt an option that says IVE ALREADY GOT BROADBAND!!!! I guess i should click on 'not interested'.

Likewise with the rest of the homepage. Not entirely sure what the point of all the adverts extolling the virtues of broadband are. Preaching to the converted?