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no connection?


no connection?

is anyone else having this problem this morning, having to use works computer to send this

connection dropped at 12.17 last night and i cant get a connection out even though the light is on the modem, i cant even ping or trace route from my works addy to home once it leaves easynet (works isp)it just drops all packets
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no connection?

Hmmm.... so sounds like you have sync, but no connection to Plusnet.

Might be worth raising a ticket incase it's an auth issue. Otherwise it could be down to a BT fault, or Major Service Outage in your area.

Generally when there is an MSO affecting an exchange but not directly on the exchange (i.e. further within the network), the line will stay in sync with the exchange, but wont be able to connect to Plusnet - so I suspect this could be the issue.

Check for any outages reported affecting your area code. Don't be fooled that some of these places may affect you. An outage in Reading caused my connection in Exeter to go tits up a while back.

no connection?

id love to raise a ticket, but the multiple idiot choice system that is now running here takes u 20 mins to go through. plus becuase im at work until after 9 tonight i wont be sat at my pc to press the ok button and tell them the wires are plugged in, so will be better off phoning them.

thanks for you help thou will at least give them a head start, can skip the is the modem turned on and plugged in question Wink