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news speeds


news speeds

I am currently only getting between 30 and 70Kb/s on newsgroups. I am on premier and should be getting 240Kb/s. I went over the 20G limit this month, which ended at 00:00 on Monday, but I've heard that taking you off the limit is manual and can take a few days. I also was under the impression that the limit was not active between midnight and 8am anyway.

Anyone know what's causing this?

EDIT: It's not the line or anything, I can get > 200K on http downloads. It's also not the news server as I get the same speeds on the plusnet one and the newshosting one.

EDIT 2: It seems to be at full speed now, that was odd.

news speeds

1) yes it takre in the region of 24 hours for your clean usage to be reset. Sometimes alot quicker sometimes slower.

2) It seems to become unmetered a bit after midnight, not right on midnight. Sometimes its 00:08 sometimes 00:30 for example before speeds start picking up

Hope that helps