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new usage limits


new usage limits


why when i go into my usage stats today do i have a 8am-4pm counter? have there been any restrictions placed on this time? if so why was i not notified or asked to agree to a completely different contract?

if not is it just for me to to look at?
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new usage limits

Hi there,

Please read through this, it should answer your questions.
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new usage limits

Thsi is probably the wrong place to ask but here goes.

I have just read the usage statement.

I am on Premier 2Mb. As I use less than 30Gb a month does this mean I get a fast service at all times and for all applications ?
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new usage limits

There is a now an allowance for P2P/Usenet/FTP which is 20GB/month peak time (8am and midnight which is different peak time to the SUP) but this is still included in the SUP allowances, it's not a separate allowance to it..

So if your traffic does not include any P2P/Usenet/FTP then you should not be affected. If it does and you go over that quota in any month, the speed of that type of traffic will be affected during it's peak time period (8am -> midnight)..

See here for more info on this allowance.