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+net's spam is worse!!!


+net's spam is worse!!!

Hi, it is the worst it has ever been today, and no I am not going to join the long forum thread. I've kept quiet up until now believing that +net would do something about it. But no, it is worse despite their promises. I've gone along with all they have said, I've enabled the 'new' spam checks and this is what I get. All I want is for things to be as they were, and if they can't do that then I will change my ISP.
I've been a customer for years but now this is just too much to expect, +net have screwed it for me....

+net's spam is worse!!!

Hi Chris,

I understand your frustration and annoyance with the situation. However I cannot allow for this thread to remain open as I would then have to allow others to remain open. The only thing we would achieve then is confusion, misunderstandings as posts are repeated and posted wrongly etc.

Please use the long thread to docment your concerns and seek advise as everything would all be under one roof so to speak.

I will now lock this thread.