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my personal feedback


my personal feedback

This is going to be my final post on the subject.

I was going to explode with rage, but I've had a stressful week and simply cannot muster the energy to deal with my anger and total shock at the way some users have been treated.

On monday I was placed on the contended pipe. I expected this, due to my connection being shared by 4 people. The fact my connection was going to be shared by 4 people was one of the reasons I opted for 2mb Premier, which at the time stated "for those who require more bandwidth" What I didn't expect was for my speed to drop down to 5kbps. I raised this with tech support on the monday who said "yes, that is a bit bad" (nice polite indian sounding gentleman) and he put me through to someone else, who literaly read sections of the 2nd email to me in response to my questions. Finally finishing with, well it is early days yet, sorry but wait and see,.

Well, its now saturday. And for the most part all week the max speed I was able to receive was 5kbps (avg) I say for the most part, because yesterday (Friday) the speed increased slightly and fluctuated up and down from 2kbps to 56kbps. It is largely irrelevant because I have begun the migration process.

There have been a great many posts on this subject, some heated, some twisted by those on both sides of the fence.

Now before someone tries to hijack this post, lets take a look at whats happened.

Trivial Matters
I created an avatar that was within forum rules. Wasnt offensive, wasnt over large, and fitted within the size given. A cartoon snail. Somone has edited my profile and removed it. Has to be mod or admin, no reason given.
I created a tongue in cheek parody of the plusnet logo, with the same snail wearing a xmas hat and snow on it. Not over large, not offensive and humourous. Again someone has edited my profile and removed this, no reason given.

The Real Matters
At no point did ANYONE make any effort to state how poor the performance would be on the contended pipe. Many users have jumped on the bandwagon saying things like "you don't like it now the shoe is on the other foot do you?" The shoe has NEVER been on the other foot. Plusnet themselves have admitted that this was a preventative action to stop that from happening in the future. (I am certain you wouldnt pay full rate for 1/10th of the speed would you?) I don't have an answer for what Plusnet could have done, but selling a product that was designed to entice the speed demons out there and then complain becuase they are using it more than you expected, well, really you should have put some safeguards in and made it clear.

The whole thing blew up simply because of the vagueness. Before Monday people were asking what should I reduce to, what is reasonable?
The only answer they were given was to reduce their download. Hardly constructive.

People were asking questions and they werent getting answers, this caused more anger and surely plusnet, the mods and admin must have realised that this would happen? Perhaps it caught them by surprise.

Its all well and good putting up a FAQ saying how muhc BB costs, but you waited until AFTER the switch was made before telling anyone, for almost 2 weeks people were in a limbo. The split that has been created is thus.

You have 1 camp of users (mostly migrating now) who cannot now download 100gb a month, they will therefore end up back on the normal pipe where their usage will be monitored and if they overstep the mark, then back to the bad boys pipe they go.

The other camp, those who were NOT put on the bad boys pipe now find themselves in the enviable position that they can (if they so wished) go over 100gb without fear of EVER being put on the bad boy pipe, because by Plusnets own admission they are only going to monitor those who were put on the bad boy pipe first.

This creates anger too, and thats why so many people have being posting so many angry threads.

I'm not creating a post to provoke anyone regarding this issue. This is the last time I am going to post directly regarding this matter. My migration will be through soon and then I shall be gone.

before I do however, for those with a taste for humour, enjoy these pics.

Please mods leave them be, they are humourous and are not offensive, everyone needs a wry smile now and then.


my personal feedback

Nice logo mate. Yeah they really done in jest I can see that, greta work BTW

I do feel for you I have had similar problems as you, speeds on Friday have improved and are acceptable at present. However I do not accept that I did anything wrong and feel that when one is sold a unlimited uncapped package that should be exactly what it should be. But enough of that I aint aguing anymore because I also got so stressed particularly yesterday I was on a verge of making myself even more ill.

Like wise I may have upset one or to people and whilst I dont like upsetting folks some people not on here actually have been pretty nasty.

I have even been told to shut up somewhere else because I voiced my opionions and I know I am not alone in having that done.

Still I dont want to dwell on these things now (hope to god nothing else goes wrong).

Still even though the last 2 weeks have been challenging it would be unfair to say that until recently I always been unhappy with the service because that isnt the case.

I have used the internet for almost 10 years now, and maybe I have been lucky but I can honestly say right from the start I have been using my connection in its various forums more than joe public. I have never once been told to curtail my usage even when the FIACO problems couple of years back. Maybe I was lucky.

I was with screaming net then free weekend use then 24/7 then worldonline took in over (tiscali) and we all know how bad they are, I got out quick rather be pushed. ADSL been at BT before it went down hill, Nildram and Plsunet and last but not least of to Zen.

Enough of that. Although many of you here think some of are whingers etc. you havent got to know us for one reason or another its usualy thing like this that show the worst of people however I am sure if we had stayed more you would probably think differently etc me, lol j/k

my personal feedback

The Mods should explain why they removed those harmless sigs and avatars. Or are the Mods under direct orders of Pussnet? Disgracefull behaviour lately.
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my personal feedback

FYI The plusnet employees posting here can also remove any information from this forum at their discretion without warning or explaination so it may not have been the mods that did as you suggest.
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my personal feedback

Normally if a Moderator does any changes to a file then we would leave a moderators note.
Similarly PMs are used if there are problems with Avatars or Signatures and they have to be forcefully removed.