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multi plusnet e-mail addresses


multi plusnet e-mail addresses

I have 3 plusnet addresses and tried setting up identities to collect all mail in the one box.

It does not seem to work and I have to log in for each with my plusname+mike or plusname+oldq.

have I set up my identities wrong?

Otherwise the improvement is fantastic and no speed probs on Broadband


multi plusnet e-mail addresses

I am having the same issue. Is there anyone who knows a solution? :?:
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multi plusnet e-mail addresses

That is how the new webmail works. It no longer has the option to view mail from all external mail accounts in one inbox.

There have neen several comments about this but I suspect that is how it will be for now, as that is how the underlying software (atmail) works. The portal webmail was a PlusNet in-house development, the new webmail is based on the atmail web based email software.