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moving house and support line are both a scam


moving house and support line are both a scam

I posted the following to support and i am so so mad i have to post this here

Can someone, anyone from support get in touch with me re house move on **********. i dont want pythonesqe, stonewall type email replies from plusnet support i want someone to give me a justification about why i should keep my business with plusnet.

I am not happy, because:

1) it appears you want to charge me £53 for moving even though my phone number and postcode stays the same. If i was a new customer it looks like i can connect for free. if i move away from you to another isp i can connect for free. dont you want to keep my business?

2) your support phone ivr is rubbish, in fact its a scam, it plays irrelevant info too long, then pushes me round a large number of useless options, and then cuts off with a message that i can do something via the portal. in 10 attempts i never managed to get through to a single person to speak to, except when i got through to sales (instantly) and she refused to speak to me about the moving house, and pushed me back into your scam ivr. there is no way through your ivr with which i can actually speak to a person, even though you publish the number as such on the web site. i am gong to complain about this to ispa about this.

if inertia based selling is the best plusnet can do, your business will eventually go down.