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moving adsl to new house


moving adsl to new house

Hi all

I am moving over to my old man`s house and wish to assign it to a new number for my adsl account... can I still pay even though i`m not registered at that address

I have a different phone number there but wish to retain the account payment and name in my own name

I`d rather pay for the costs then my old man...

anyone here got any experience with plusnet on such a move....
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moving adsl to new house

If you're wanting to move the connection to a new line, then as long as the name on the BT bill isn't going to be changing there shouldn't be any problems with the move.

Its not essential that you have the BT line in your name, its just recommended as if there are any changes to the BT bill they put through a PSTN cease and stop all additional services on the voice line.

In order to carry out the move just use the tool that's available in the member centre, and this will wal you through everything.