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missing email ?


missing email ?

anyone losing email ?

Normally I get 30 to 50 mails a day mostly Spam but last Wednesday I didn’t even get 1 email, Thursday I got the usual 30 ish all dated with a receive date of Thursday.

Today I am expecting mail from a mate, and like Wednesday I’ve no email at all not even any spam!

I could live without the Spam, but I don’t like losing my personnel email.

Anyone else having the same problem?
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missing email ?

See the service status reports where the mail issues have been announced. PN have been having mail delivery problems over the past few days and it is still happening. There may also be a lot of old mail that cannot be deleivered yet due to the problems they are having.

missing email ?

I got my lost IP back and will be setting my own email server up "again" when I get home Smiley

I lost the faith with plusnet email after beeing cut off from the ISP for 15 minutes one night! about an hour after sending 300 odd emails...