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N/A service for 96 hours

So far i've spent about 90 minutes in the last two days on TWO calls with the nausiating woman tell me sorry for the delay, please have your user name to hand.........

So far, the faults team appear to of done sweet f.a, I've done more diagnostics than they appear to have and to be perfectly honest, I've gone from about to recommend the consideration of plusnet for an RFP for adsl for 400 corproate users to utter discontent Evil

As for the average call waiting time is 15 minutes rubbish, well thats complete cr@p and maybe people shouldnt massage the figures? its easy to get your wait times down isnt it, when you include the over night dead period? Even then you have more chance of getting through to buckingham palace than you do plusnet support.

Not going to wait forever for my ticket to be looked at, Despite quite sometime of reasonable service, working in IT, i dont take rubbish like this laying down........

Where is your problem management process? Where is the escalation process?

suggest someone looks at my call, that rfp is now becoming a distant memory...

N/A service for 96 hours

WIthout any disrespect to you, but this poll is pointless and biased.

EVERY time I have had to call support (which is only 3 times I think)

I have been answered within 2 minutes
N/A service for 96 hours

All it needs is another option for under 5 minutes

I don't know what it achieves (public venting of some customer frustration)

In years with PN I think I rang once, but can understand if there are queues everyone gets their patience frazzled a bit, and a poll is a nicer way to let off steam than seeing some lengthy thread here (or more likely on AG) with "[censored]" all over the show...

There's someone on AG now, 200+ comments in the last 5 (?) days, mostly saying how he thinks PN is a shoddy outfit, etc, etc, and half show "[censored]" which is a little sad... A poll might show the widespread bad feeling (probably shared by CS) about problems / frustration over lengthy queue times.

I have to say I haven't experienced it, but respect the rights to comment on it by those who have, and are unhappy about it.
N/A service for 96 hours

WIthout any disrespect to you, but this poll is pointless and biased.

EVERY time I have had to call support (which is only 3 times I think)

I have been answered within 2 minutes

If its pointless, then why have you responded thenHuh? I've wasted nearly two hours of my life so far listening to plusnets inane IVR system...... I gave up today after over an hour......I called the other morning at 6.30am and gave up after 30 minutes as i had to go to work...

Maybe you've had a good experience with them, I did have and as i said I'm in a position to recommend ISP's to large corporate clients, but given the experience i've had of a break/fix situation, I dont think at the moment i can recommend them.........

Its now taken over two days without service for my call to even be passed out to the third party, and still no broadband, thank god i've got good neighbours and i've borrowed a wireless connection from them........

The thing is, the customer service staff ARE ok, but something somewhere is going horribly wrong, there appears to be no problem management process in place ....ok we may not need full ITIL but something should be there

Ref: UKHD00000324076 is the call ref if anyone from plus is reading, as i say, my grouse is NOT with the staffers, but the organisation which appears to be letting its staff down badly and putting them in this situation
N/A service for 96 hours

WIthout any disrespect to you, but this poll is pointless and biased.

EVERY time I have had to call support (which is only 3 times I think)

I have been answered within 2 minutes

You have been very lucky if those calls were recently, having been a PlusNet customer for a couple of years I certainly feel that CS has gone downhill

I had to ring them once when I first joined and the was answered without delay by a very helpful and competent CS rep
Having tried ringing twice (last Thursday and today) and never even getting my calls answered, Thursday I was in the queue for 50 odd mins and then was hung up on before speaking to anyone
This evening I tried and was told again the queue was over 10mins so I didnt bother holding.......
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I agree, the poll was biased and served no purpose whatsoever. These forums are not a place for biased polls and as such it's been removed. PlusNet have acknowledged the problems of support and there are plenty of of threads already discussing this issue in a more constructive manner.

stifling this china?

Maybe you havent had the pleasure of wasting two hours of your life on the phone to plusnet as the service you are PAYING for isnt working....

Wait times get massaged in a large number of companies, the poll served a purpose of giving the REAL state of play, and not some massaged "15 minute" wait time which appears on the site ona regular basis.....

Also from what I can see from the forum rules, you cannot decided what is and what isnt biased....Its stating the truth of the situation, which however unpalatable to yourselves and your bedpartners at plus, still is the truth
N/A service for 96 hours

a) it's not a good idea to "challenge" a moderator on what is or is not within their remit. I'd never bother as users are always losers in such arguments!

b) if you had had an option of "under 5 minutes" your poll might not have seemed so biassed (I've not had the frustration of calling, but know where you're coming from on the last 'so long I died" option - however that reinforced the "bias" view from anyone questioning the "balance" of that poll).

c) put a new/replacement poll in "everything internet" perhaps, with more "balanced" descriptions, including something below 5 minutes, and ask that customers who have called *recently* (eg within last 6 weeks) answer. It would exclude many other calls and critics!

Of course, another question (not for a poll, perhaps) would be whether there's any point having the "averages" reported for either time to answer questions or to answer the phones.... But it's perhaps something to raise via the PUG
N/A service for 96 hours

yep and lets completely ignore the real issue that plusnet isnt able to delvier a reliable service to its customers.......

Plans are one thing, realising that they shouldnt of got in this situation in the first place is another......its really poor planning
N/A service for 96 hours

I'm certainly not ignoring it - just making some comments on how you might avoid some of the criticisms, and (as someone has indicated) PN themselves have acknowledged they have been failing to deliver.

It's a pretty brave ISP which puts that in writing to users (though AFAIK it went out as a "service status" announcement, not a message to every customer), so maybe they were targeting those most likely to complain.

Bad planning over some aspects, perhaps, but the DSL Max problems are not of their making, and having switched 30 to 40,000 customers, some of whom are having problems, I don't think PN can be blamed for having a minor crisis over their CS not "keeping up".

I'm no major "fan" of PN but fair's fair - they are certainly more responsive to users than some ISPs... They participate as much as possible and while a fraction of staff might be less than helpful some of the time, the ones I've come across have (mostly) tried to smooth out complaints, and explain things to users calmly, whatever the provocative language they come across.

(I say "mostly" because during one "ping-pong" exchange on a ticket, someone in CS locked me out of the web portal so I could not even examine the tickets, make a payment or do anything else - and I have to say I tend to prefer the written word than calling some helpdesk, so didn't go down that route, but because of one helpful guy - who is here on an almost daily basis - I was reinstated quite quickly and he sorted out the dispute too).

Re: stifling this china?

which however unpalatable to yourselves and your bedpartners at plus, still is the truth

Maybe take a back look, at a few of my posts, I am certainly not "bedpartners" with PN, I just dont scream, shout or rant like some people (present company excluded), it just doesnt work, it just ends up in locked topics, bans from the forum and bad feelings towards mods for taking such actions.

As said above, if your going to put a poll up, make it unbiased, that way NO ONE can critisise (spelling?) you. Me, i would have just hit a under 5 mins option and that would be it.

And as I have said many times before, if people are cheesed off, then actions speak louder than words.....walk away, simple. I do hope that it gets sorted for you though my friend!
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The only time I've had to call CS must have been back in 2003, which took around 45 minutes at the time, and that was because of the bugs in the firmware of (at the time supplied) 3Com router and I couldn't reconnect to the ADSL line. This turned out to be the router, not the line and I seem to remember PlusNet acknowledged this and resent everyone (with the affected router), a Solwise one instead - which worked fine.

That was a long time ago, and I can easily be cynical (what me Cheesy) and assume the CS waiting times have not changed since then. It certainly seems in some people's experience it has not (which to be fair, PlusNet have even admitted), though it appears for others it has only been a matter of minutes.

I've only had to call on support probably half a dozen times in the last 3 years, and only one of those was via the phone - the rest ticket based. I've always found the ticket-based responses fine, and once I eventually got through on the phone - that was fine as well.

I've been fortunate not to have had problems with the line itself in that time, and not had to rely on calling or contacting support with more urgent issues.
N/A service for 96 hours

@robynfali "walk away, simple"

In this user's case it is, but I don't know what options exist for someone who is about 3 or 4 months into a 12 month contract. Can they pay the "admin fee" and switch to monthly, then give notice (and pay any deferred activation fee) so they can "walk away" ?

It seems (and is - I've done it a few times, and twice from PN) simple enough to migrate, if one is on a BT Wholesale product (not sure what is the case for "remoh") but if someone is without service for a few days (or longer) can understand them getting a bit peeved...

At least the comments from "remoh" are about the company - he's understanding of the position for staff, but still no comments from anyone at PN, makes it seem like a time to suggest "remoh" uses uk.telecom.broadband newsgroup or posts comments on as there's perhaps a higher chance of getting a response from PN... and a check on his "ticket".
N/A service for 96 hours

kinda fixed whilst i was at work..........

I've pulled plus from my company's tender list for a 400 user isdn conversion, nuff said...

Still a bit naff but some ip is better than none....
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My connection went on Monday following an 'upgrade' - since Monday night I've spent just over 6 hours on hold trying to get through to someone, no joy as yet.

Longest unanswered stint so far is ~90 minutes.