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minus net......?


minus net......?

Confused, disenchanted, bewildered, all these things and more in plusnet land.

I have been with plusnet for about two months. In the good old days when I first signed up after three weeks from the order (dacs box on line BT's fault apparently), I reached the heady speeds of 2643.1 kbs. How I danced and sang so gaily after such an increase in performance. Suddenly everything went to crap for a month, disconnections, slow speeds etc etc. Hey I had been max dsl'd (nobody told me this). I then spent a month waiting, writing tickets, waiting for a reply, hanging on the phone etc etc finally for BT to sort it out. Hey presto five days ago ta da... A stable connection speeds averaged out at 1848.7kbs at peak time (a marked decrease in performance please note). Last three days 200 - 400 kbs at all times. I see plusnet have taken the effort to reply to my 2 month old ticket and tell me that BT has sorted things out with the line (as have BT via text message).

So why the poxy speeds plusnet, whose fault is it this time?