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maximum stable rate answers

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maximum stable rate answers

Does anyone else have a problem with their stable rate being static.

If not can someone please tell me why my maximum stable rate is locked at 2000kbs when my router always syncs at 8128kbs & 448kbs, my speedtests come in at between 1850 & 1950 so obviously I am being throttled at PN side.

I am re-connecting about 3-4 times a day to try to automatically force an update to my msr but with no success.

I assume this is an ongoing automated process between BT & Plusnet to establish your best connection.

Surely it should start at 8000kbs & then drop down in steps until it reaches your most reliable connection speed. Unfortunatly it has never moved from 2000kbs.

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maximum stable rate answers

It works the way it does because of problems BT found with the service when it first came out.

Ideally, you should only disconnect and reconnect once daily during the training period, and should leave the connection on constantly.

Also, check your routers logs for disconnects, and get yourself an account at so that you can get a graph to see how your connection is behavingthroughout the day - it's also useful for handing to CS in a ticket.
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maximum stable rate answers


When was the regrade done? It can sometimes take the full 10-14 day initial training period for the throughput speed to update.

Have you tried the BT Speedtest?

If that shows speeds under 2Mbps too then the problem is likely down to the throughput speed not updating on BT's system yet and therefore not filtering through to us yet.

If it's passed the 10-14 days then raise it via the fault checker on the portal (again after running the BT Speedtest on and off peak) and we can raise this with BT (or correct it our side if the BT Speedtest is above 2Mbps).