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max dsl (love you plusnet)

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Registered: 06-08-2007

max dsl (love you plusnet)

after much thinking when will i get maxdsl? as took two billing dates(4th is mine) to get the new accounts and usage sorted. then ticket to queue jump didnt go through so i complained and with £30 and £40 upgrades first then payg(which i was pissed about) as i have always been member that would take higher speeds first..
i moved to plusnet becuease virgin didnt do 2mb at the time. and payed the upgrade. i was willing to pay the upgrade for 8mb but i got put near the back of the queue....

anyway without a email saying i was even being processed today i looked at my torrents and they was uploading at 42+kbps soild... checked my router and its synced at 8mb and 488kbps up....

now i guess its the start of the 10day period.

should i disconnect my router for 30minute or so or is that no need if i havent seen any problems yet?

love you plus net Cheesy thanks
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max dsl (love you plusnet)

Disconnect every 2-3 days is the advice I understand