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mac key question


mac key question

lo all,

i requested a mac key from plusnet on the 20/10/05 which i got nice and promptly, with the intention of migrating away to F2S (due to all the problems here). As it is i never got round to migrating, and my billing month has just stated again.
I still wish to migrate away but my mac key only has about 6 or 7 days left before it runs out. This leaves the timescale a bit tight for migrating now. F2S state 5-10 days to allow for migration on their site.

So i have a couple of questions really.

Firstly can i request a new mac key now, which will then last another 30 days? (remembering that the other one has yet to expire)

More importantly, does requesting the mac key originally "give notice" to plusnet that i am going to migrate and once the mac key expires my plusnet account will be no more - i'm kinda worried that in a week or so i'll have no internet access.

Hope that makes sense,
Much obliged,

mac key question

As I understand it, you need to wait for your current MAC to expire before you can request a new one.

Requesting a MAC isn't you giving notice to PlusNet. when PlusNet get the actual migration request from your new ISP, that is when you have given notice to PlusNet.

Hope this has cleared things up for you.

Andrew D Wiles

mac key question

ok thx very much for the fast reply, think i'll let the current mac code expire then join the ever expanding queue and get a new one issued.


mac key question

As I understand it your MAC code is able to be used anytime in it's 30 day period no matter that another ISP quotes 7-10 days that would be for the connection to fully change over.You could have used it 2 minutes after you got it right up to just before the time and day it is due to expire.In other words why wait .Go to whichever ISP you want fill in the join Pages putting the code in the right place submit it ,if it is no good they will soon tell you ,i'm sure. If i'm wrong here could a mod or plus staff correct me .