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mac codes - new rules


mac codes - new rules

I requested a mac code on 23rd january - I'm still wating for it.
I want to move to Zen internet because of the apalling delays on plusnet speeds. Given plusnet's policy of quoting 7 day response times every week on this issue, should I cancel this ticket and start a new one now that ofcom have declared a 5 day limit on the issuing of mac codes after 14th Feb 2007?Additonal nfo - line had unbundled from BT to Talk Talk - why should this make any difference to migration to another ISP?
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mac codes - new rules


Your case is an exception, there is a problem with our LLU supplier providing the mac, until they are able to provide the mac key, it does not matter how many times we generate the request the mac key cannot be given to you until we receive it.

The ticket is placed on hold for 7 days so that we can chase the suppliers, if this is returned before the 7 days then this will be added to the ticket.

The fact that your line is with talk talk could be the reason for the delay, I know this has been the case in the past, but each case needs to be looked at on an indiviadual basis.

I will chase this up with the guys who are dealing with your mac request once they are in.
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mac codes - new rules

Hopefully the new Ofcom MAC rules will force Tiscali to provide MAC codes in a timely manner.

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mac codes - new rules

Aside from that, we're also working with Tiscali at the moment to develop and integrate a new API which will, hopefully, make this process a lot speedier.

We'll be able to send a request to Tiscali and they'll be sending the MAC back to us automatically within a couple of hours.

A lot more efficient than sending them single requests manually and receiving them back in a spreadsheet!