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mac code and cease order?


mac code and cease order?

Cheesy hi,

hope some one can give me some advice about this but i am very sorry if it has been asked before?

i have a mac code that is due to expire on the 23/06/06 as i was thinking of migrating from plusnet to another isp. but i am now thinking of maybe taking out telewest braodband instead. i realise you cant migrate from ipstream to cable but i wish to know if i can give my 30 days notice to cease my plusnet service at the same time as still having my mac code outstanding or will i need to wait till the 23/06/06 to give 30 days notice of the cease?

thanks for any help anyone can give me!
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mac code and cease order?


You can request a cease now, MAC issued or not, we will simply place a cease order which takes around 7 days.

As you have requested a MAC you have begun your 30 day notice period anyway so this will not be an issue.

mac code and cease order?

Cheesy thanks for that info which i do apprecaite!