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little porkies


little porkies

With respect ...

The message about the recent mail debacle tells a porkie. It says

"the maximum time an email was delayed was under 6 hours"

This is not correct. I know many of my emails were delayed for over 12 hours and one was delayed for 2 days.

Come-on Plusnet - at least be honest javascript:emoticon('Cheesy')

andy Cheesy
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Plusnet Staff
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little porkies


This particular problem only started around 4:30am this morning and all queued mails were cleared around lunchtime. If you've had mails delayed longer this may have happened with the delays last week, but if they are from today I'd be interested in seeing a header to see where the delay was.
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little porkies

I had an email arrive on the 5th dated the 2nd. I assumed it was delayed by PN problems BUT after reading the above I looked at the header

It says it was received by PN on the 5th
It says it was received from mail pickup service by MAIL8.HAPPYGROUP.CO.UK with Microsoft SMTPSVC; Tue, 5 Sep 2006 06:34:30 +0100

And the ‘X-original arrival time as -05 Sep 2006 05:34:30.0375’

So that suggests it was post dated or held at the senders end. (Friends reunited)

John H