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line speeds


line speeds

hi was wondering if iam the only one suffering from this i upgraded to 4 meg
thinking the faster speed would be good but still only getting 1 meg though paying for 4 meg now for past 3 months strange thing is next door is getting 2.2 meg from bt even though we both have bt lines and come from same exchange which has also been running max adsl trials been told that its my line but houses were built at same time so i take line was put in at same time i was with bulldog who where crap but they did give me 3.5 meg not always stable but 3,5 meg all the same i know the use different stuff for there broadband but it still comes down my phone line to my pc on the plus side the 1 meg is very stable but come guys at least give me half of what im paying for you wount pay ten grand for a car for the garage to give u no engine would u
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line speeds

The up to 4Mbs product does not mean you will get a faster speed immediately. It is subject to your exchange being MaxDSL enabled where BT can supply a faster speed on a line. Most exchanges are due to be enabled in April. Until that happens, all you are doing is paying extra for additional transfer limits and what speed your line supports is dependant on your line stats.

Does your ADSL equipment show line stats? If so, post them here and it will then tell us what speed your line is capable of handling now and what it may be able to handle once your are upgraded to MaxDSL

To find out when your exchange will be MaxDSL enabled, enter your phone number on the usertools exchange checker.

Also just because you live next door does not mean your phone line takes the same router to the exchange (and thus is the same length) as your neighbours.

line speeds

Ignorring the fact that a full stop or two would have made the question easier to decypher, lets try going through these points.

Firstly BTw will only upgrade your line speed if there is enough network capacity at the exchane to support this (there's a page you can check your exchange status at, which no-doubt someone will post a link for).

Secondly the quality of your cable isn't guaranteed to be as good as your neigbour's as time and corrosion can produce different results.

Thirdly is your modem plugged into your BT master socket, or is there an extension lead involved in the equation anywhere. Extension leads, unless made from propper Cat 5 cable, can degrade the signal an reduce your maximum speed.

Fourthly do you know how to check the line performance on your modem? If you can find out the Signal/Noise ratio, attenuation and current speed of the line we can get a better idea of the cause of the problem.

line speeds

Hi jimbof,

Welcome to the forums.

First off you can see if your exchange is MAXDsl enabled by entering your phone number here

Also, what does the BT checker say that your line is capable of.? Again, enter your phone number here

Unfortunately, just because you are paying for 4MB doesnt mean that you can get it yet.