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level 1 management too severe on usenet


level 1 management too severe on usenet

Hi All,

I'm on "Level 1 Management" on Option 1, this month... ooops.

During peak times usenet (giganews) runs at <1kb/s, shouldn't it be limited to 256kbit (i.e. 32kb/s)Huh?

During off-peak times the speed seems to fluctuate with a minimum of 200kb/s and peaking at 600kb/s (avg c. 450kb/s) which is quite good really.

Any idea why the restrictions are so severe during peak time?

Hugs and kisses

Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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level 1 management too severe on usenet


The speed is set to a maximum of 256knps on usenet on level 1 management at peak. However as the traffic is restricted it's put in the bronze queue which is the first traffic to get dropped when the network is busy, i.e. at peak times. With the speeds on Usenet and P2P slower than normal (see for details) the speeds on leve1 management will be even lower.

I'd recommend scheduling usage off peak as it should run fine then.