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leaveing in 30 days


leaveing in 30 days

as my billing date is in 2 days i dont want to lose £22 on a month so ive requested my mac code and will leave in 30 days

ill give credit where credit is due customer service is the best very nice people answered about 10 questions theve even made it so i dont have to pay the remianing of my contract because im leaveing due to the 'usage limits' all a pay is a £15 cancel fee Smiley

i just wish would of been abit more open with the service that they provide i could deal with the useage caps but when they inposed a 8am to 12pm 'peak time' without informing me i was a bit cheesed off the

i just wish that there is a isp out there that can provide customers service but with aol's stable and hastle free conection

another bites to dust i guess

liberty serve (tescali i think there called now)
and now

i wonder if ukonline can provide me with the service ive been seeking Smiley

leaveing in 30 days

boring !!

ever thought maybe the problem is you !

leaveing in 30 days


There is absolutely no need for that sort of comment. Members of this forum community are entitled to provide feedback, good or bad, so long as it is posted in line with the forum rules.

If you or others have something constructive to add then please do so, but an unwarranted, personal comment such as yours is not necessary.

Re: leaveing in 30 days


i wonder if ukonline can provide me with the service ive been seeking Smiley

I migrated from UKonline to here several weeks back. If you like customer support, stick with Plusnet as UKonline are very difficult to get hold of in the event of a problem.

I had to call them about 8 times during my 12 month contract, and I can honestly say that each call I was waiting in the queue for 30-90 minutes.

Emails - send them an email, dont expect a reply for 3-4 days, and thats if you do get one back.

Migration - UKonline will do everyting in their power to prevent giving you a MAC. From lying about their systems being down, to not returning calls as promised, to not sending it by email as promised.

Basically, Ofcom sent them 2 letters and then they listened.

When I migrated to Plusnet my connection wouldnt work (I was using the wrong username details) and within 30 seconds, my call was answered and the query was solved quickly and professionally. And UKonline dont have a forum either and their control panel/member centre is VERY basic.

Just my pennys worth...
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leaveing in 30 days

Welcome to the forums, alienex Cheesy

Nice to read a positive post. I have been with PN for many years now and totally agree with you about customer services. My first encounter with them was at 2230 on a Sunday evening - my call was answered within a few minutes and the problem sorted in a very professional and courteous manner. I don't know of many companies that you can say that about !!

leaveing in 30 days

Just to also add that I used to be a customer with Plusnet before going to UKonline and the reason I went away from Plusnet was UKonline was cheaper. I have learnt a valuable lesson that cheap internet access isn't always best and the packages and service Plusnet offer I feel cannot be beaten in terms of value for money.

I was rather dismayed at the lack of a forum on the UKonline website, and although there is an official support route here, many people are willing to help with queries via the forums which is certainly a plus.