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is this realy true for maxdsl?

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is this realy true for maxdsl?

quote from the support team

'Unfortunately even the speeds of 700k are above the unacceptable speed limits set by BT so we can not raise a fault on this speed.
The product you are on is upto 8mb which means your line will provide at the fastest speed available to yourself. The slightly slower speeds you are seeing now may be down to contention at the exchange'

I'm synching at 8000kbps, but my speed goes up and down like a yo yo, quite often as low as 700 which is less than half what i was getting on the 2m system ...

also even though i've been on the bt fault checker twice it seems they cannot find my results..

'Unfortunately we are still seeing no speed results from the BT speed tester. '

is this normal or is someone cocking up somewhere,

Personally it doesn't seem reasonable to me that a sync of 8000kbps can run at only 700kbps?Huh
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is this realy true for maxdsl?

Pretty normal. BT's network was designed based on everyone having 2mb ADSL connections at most, as are the contention ratios at exchanges. I think since MaxDSL BT's network and many exchanges have been getting swamped.

is this realy true for maxdsl?

unfortunately yes, bt won't consider a speed fault on your line unless speeds on the bt spedtester are 400k or below.

is this realy true for maxdsl?

I too see speeds jumping around like a yo yo, and not always at peak times. One minute it will be fine the next minute its soooooo slow. But i have been told different answers depending on which of the support team has picked it up.

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