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is it just me ???


is it just me ???

I have been having issues with my connection since day 1. not even 1 month ago.

I have done everything asked of me, but I am being told its an exchange issue and BT are to blame...

I have done a few speed tests as asked

the results are as follows

02/11/06 - 12:48

IP Profile - 4000Kbps
DSL Connection rate - 192kbps (up) 4960 (down)
Actual IP throughput - 3627

03/11/06 - 21:44
IP Profile - 3500Kbps
DSL Connection rate - 288kbps (up) 4768 (down)
Actual IP throughput - 2369

04/11/06 - 21:19

IP Profile - 3500Kbps
DSL Connection rate - 256kbps (up) 6016 (down)
Actual IP throughput - 3208

07/11/06 - 15:40

IP Profile - 500Kbps
DSL Connection rate - 192 kbps (up) 5760 (down)
Actual IP throughput - 445 kbps

My current stable rate is still set at 500kbps

if someone could escalate this to get a resolve it would be much appreciated.
also I have ordered a ethernet router which should be here this week.
so at least my connection will stay live from then on.

thank you
Dean Jewson

is it just me ???

ok after much testing from the PN team (many thanks)
I am now looking at a better stable rate of 5000kbps.

though my exchange is still at red.
so I get varying results, anything from 1.5Meg upto around 4.5Mb.

so can't complain too much.
will have to see what happens when my exchange is fixed on the 18th...