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ip static??? odd

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Registered: 06-08-2007

ip static??? odd

my ip use to be static and i recall having a option to change it on and off (i tihnk) neway it was static and now its not look in details about connection and says server assigned? and no options to make it static which was in contact when i agreed to. ne way i can make it static again and reason y this happened

ip static??? odd

as far as I can tell on PlusNet static IPs are only available on premier, and on premier the only IP available is static. The connection settings will say 'server assigned' but you should be receiving the same IP address each time.

Things seem to be a little different over at Force9 where we can turn static IPs on and off in the Connection Settings, but although I currently have a small static netblock my connection details still say "server assigned".

But as I said things seem to be a little different over at F9 so hopefully some PlusNet guru can confirm what I've said.

Andrew D Wiles

ip static??? odd

Hi guys,

With the exception of BB+, all Plus Net products have static IP's.

BB+, until recently was as good as static until Plus Net introduced a few changes to make the BB+ range fully dynamic.