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internet radio


internet radio

over the past week or so, have been experiencing terrible trouble trying to listen to online radio. keeps on buffering etc. some 1 i kno who's on f9 is also having the same problem.

have tried in both winamp and W. Media player and the problem still exists.

whats the most likely cause to this? seems like to me its only been happening since the traffic shaping was implemented.

im on 1mb premier by the way.

any explanations would be welcome.

cheers Smiley
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internet radio

Could be all manner of things:

Have you tried alternative streams from another provider? The BBC service is generally pretty solid. Also the BBC services don't have to go very far to arrive at Plusnet (peered connection) so there is less reliance on other providers.

Could be the rise of demand at your exchange (across all ISP's). Its more likely that the effects of contention will be felt with the bulk upgrades going on as well as new signups.