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in process of switching to pn and not getting email to work


in process of switching to pn and not getting email to work

Sorry to bother you guys. I have much lower level of expertise than appears to be the norm on these forums, but I really need some advice after trying on my own for 3 hours.

I am currently switching from Pipex because of cost, service etc.

I am fully paid up with pn and my pipex sevice will cease in a few days when the adsl will be "cut over"

I have my own domain name registered in USA and use this for emails so I can be ISP independent, but have never switched until now. I am trying to test the new arrangements so I have a smooth handover and the settings I want.

In particular I would like to hide the plusnet origin of emails to avoid confusion and have been able to do this with pipex, but on trying to set up the account in advance via outlook and also via webmail my test messages always show the pn origin.

Is this because my adsl is not connected to pn yet? or is it because pn stop this as policy because of worries about spammers?Or am i just failing to grasp something?

Also, although it was working, setting the outlook for the new address seems not to work now, although I am following the clear instructions on the pn website.
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in process of switching to pn and not getting email to work


You won't be able to send mail via our relay servers unless you are connected to our network. Once you are you will be able to send mail with the from address set as your domain name.

With webmail you'll need to go into the settings page to set up a new from address and enter in your domain name.