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im new to PN


im new to PN


basically i order broadband from PN on 4th July. i got my hadware on this friday and in order tracker it says that BT will activate my line on 12th July. So today i decided to hook up my hardware and to test it out Cheesy

i got a Voyager 205 Router. In the troubleshooting i done that test to see if my line is active and here is the result that i got.

Connected to computer PASS
Synchronised with ADSL line PASS
Connected to ADSL local exchange PASS
PPPoE Server N.A.
Connected and authenticated to ISP PASS
Connection to Internet FAIL

Does this mean that BT has activated my line early and i have to wait for PN to activate my account?

Thank you very much for help.

oh and what will be consider as heavy downloader. Approx how many GB Month or Day?
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im new to PN

Hi and welcome to +net
if you go to the connection settings link to the left of this page then click on the order tracker it will tell you whether your line has been activated or not
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im new to PN

Hi there,

Try again and you should be able to get online. Your account just required activating here. There isn't really a definitive figure with regards to heavy downloading. It is dependent on the taime of day and the impact you could potentially be having on others. Have you a rough idea of how much you do download a month?

Kind Regards,

Bob Pullen
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Welcoming you aboard PlusNet, Ivan


Once again welcome to the wonderful world of Plusnet Internet, Glad you seem to now be up and running as it where?

I noticed one of your reported settings seems to have a fail or says not applicable next to it? (ie.PPPoE) are you using ethernet to connect to the web with your router or PPPoA (point to point over ATM, BT's ATM network) both types will work but you need to make sure its the encapsulation method that right for your needs? (perhaps your router uses auto-detection for its settings?)

**just so you can compare or get some idea, I'm a relatively lite ADSL user & havent as yet excessed 6GB per month yet in the last 2 years. A medium to Heavy user might excess say 10-20GB per month and a heavy to extremely heavy user might excess 30-40GB per month. (as I understand it?)

**I hope you Enjoy the benefits of a quality internet service, I think your choice of Plusnet is a good one.

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im new to PN

I don't consider myself to be a heavy user and I use about 50Gb a month.

To be a heavy or extreme user, I would say 100Gb+

im new to PN

my broaband is finally working!!!!!!! DAMNNNNn its so faster than 56K. lol

tnx for all the help ppl. i am using ethernet to connect to the web.