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idiot's guide to BT speed test please

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idiot's guide to BT speed test please

This might sound silly, but I have just got broadband and have been having problems with the line constantly dropping. BT have identified a fault on the line and are coming out this week to look at it FOC - yes I have done all the suggested tests.

But the one test I cannot do is the login to the BT using speedtest@speedtest_domain

Can someone please explain in simple language how to do this. I am using a Netgear wireless router. Where do I use the login above, I have tried this on my account and I get invalid login - what am I doing wrong? Do I have to tell the router a new address if so how do I do this.

Can someone please explain this in an idiot's guide. Cry
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idiot's guide to BT speed test please

This should explain it.