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iPass Connect


iPass Connect

Anyone familiar with iPass? I want to know if the software for global roaming from them incorporates any security or is it just for connecting and billing purposes?

Our IT department seem to think that there is a security problem if I VPN into our company network using ADSL, in comparison to using dailup via iPass.


RE: iPass Connect


I have never used 'iPass' before, so I am unable to help you with this question. I can however confirm that we have many ADSL customers using VPN over their connections.

I would advise that you ask this question in our newsgroups. I am sure that you will get a speedy response.



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RE: iPass Connect

Hi Dave,

I already use VPN via my ADSL. I'm being asked by my company not to use ADSL because they believe its less secure than Dail-up via iPass and they want to ensure the company network is secure.

I don't believe the iPass software has any security features built into it but would like to check my facts first.

I will try posting on usenet. Thanks