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i need alot of help?


i need alot of help?

basically ive had my plusnet account since october but i dont think it has ever worked, i gave up after 6 weeks of using the help and support online questions which got me no where. I didnt mind at the time cause it was my 2nd home but now im living here permintantly id like to use it. i had my phone disconected in december( ididnt neeed it) but have now got it reconnected and tried to go online but it doesnt work. There is no dsl light on my voyager 105 modem and the self help thing isnt working.

can someone at plusnet look into it, my usernames robbieg

thanks for your help
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i need alot of help?

If you had your phone disconnected then your ADSL will have been cancelled by BT at the same time. ADSL requires a BT phone line, no phone line, no ADSL. If you did not inform PlusNet of this then they would still take your monthly fee.

You are going to have to request your ADSL is activated and pay a new activation fee, or defer it under the you stay we pay scheme (which is changing end of this month).