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http[s] anything to do with your ISP?


http[s] anything to do with your ISP?

I've been dropping secure pages (https) lately. Lots of sites from Hotmail to Ebay.

Initial pages have the s but once in and around they go to just http. My banking sites seem 100% secure.

I noticed because Firefox colours the address bar yellow in secure mode so it shows quite quickly if it's not secure.

Is this down to Plus or something wrong elsewhere?

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http[s] anything to do with your ISP?

This is most likely going to be something that is happening elsewhere. As we aren't going to do anything to risk the security of your details in this fashion. Have you made sure that your copy of Firefox is up to date? If it is, then I'd suggest trying Opera to see if the sites do the same in that.
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http[s] anything to do with your ISP?

If the issue is down to 'redirecting' of secure connections to unsecure connection, its down to the website,

This may be fine and secure as, when you log in or enter personal details in a secure connection, this would get sent to a back-end (secure) server, saved and then your passed onto a unsecure connection, hackers and crackers would not be able to see your details you have enter under the secure connection as it would be 64bit, 128bit or 256bit encripted. (i'd suggest using only 128-bit or higher)

Hotmail use's secure and unsecure redirecting! so on't worry yourself to much!

Just make sure, the web form (personal / credit card details) on the website are under a secure connection.

http[s] anything to do with your ISP?

Thanks guys Smiley

Yeah, banking is 100% but as you say the drops with IE and Opera whilst moving around some sites too.

I'd just never noticed before Shocked