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house move with plusnet -- dont bother wasting your time


house move with plusnet -- dont bother wasting your time

well still no broadband since my request to move on the 27th may. i personnally advise just to goto another isp, least they a) will answer the phone to talk to you, and b) help you out.

my last reply was on monday to my ticket, and wow what a reply -

moving to allocated pool - wowo thanks that put my mind at rest. ooo how do they work out theie statistics most tickets closed in 8 hrs ermm mine must of been hiding nealry 4 days, as for calling well 3 times i tried, gave up after hanging on for 50 minutes plus, yet the statistics state calls answered in 16 mins ave. then it struck me when you call the sales line you get through in less than a minute so if they count these that would make sense when longstanding customers like me who recommend plusnet stupidly to there mates and colleague get kept on hold for so long.

but i shall see how quick i get a reply when i contact a dear old friend of mine who works for a well known pc magasine who is currently doing a customer service issue on isp's, think i will show him my tickets seeing as plusnet arent interested, and then see if they answer my dull old ticket then Evil