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high and random latency


high and random latency

I have a PN premier account and have been suffering like everyone else since 01/01/2006
theres just a few things im trying to figure out

1: does the so called traffic shaping apply to all accounts ?

2: my peak time usage is 1.72GB and total usage is
3.23GB so why is it impossible to a: browse internet normally b: play anyfor of online game.

how can pn make such a big mistake that affects so many poeple and not be accountable for it.

I have not raised a support ticket for this yet as i fear the response i get will be use the bt speed checker. (data transfer is not latencey)

i also feel that pn have all premier customers by the short n curlies so we cant leave as the will have to pay a release fee . but i also feel that pn are not playing fair when they seem to have these dynamic T & C's . At the moment i feel that the product i have been sold is not fit for use.
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high and random latency

If you're on Premier and as you are well below any limits then you should not be experiencing these issues at all.

Raise a ticket without delay. If everything is affected including web then your problem could well be somewhere else. I was throttled and it didn't affect web at all, just the usuals like usenet, ftps....

The sooner you get a ticket the sooner it gets into their system, just do what they say and after some persaverence you should get there... Smiley

Also mention gaming, they seem to care a bit about that at the moment. looking in other threads.