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help , ticket [17639592]


help , ticket [17639592]

Ben/ Dave/ Stewart?

Can I get a sensible answer to my ticket please?
ticket [17639592]

I'm fed up of being strung along all these months.
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help , ticket [17639592]

This is not an official support method or a way of bumping your ticket to the top of the queue. Plusnet deal with tickets in the order they were raised. Bear with them and it will be dealt with momentarily.

Is it something that any of us can help with?

truth not speed

It was a plea for the truth, not for jumping the queue, this has gone on for months....

I'm being told that my connection can't get the free upgrade, because the line can't support it.

SNR (Signal-to-Noise-Ratio) margin down 39.0 up 30.0 dB
Line attenuation down 34.6 up 19.0 dB

the exchange is ~1km away.

but if i'd like to pay 14.99 I can have 2Mbit. (so the line can support it.. eh)

besides, everyone else posts to the forums, when the tickets are being ignored/fobbed off with inconsistent lies.

help , ticket [17639592]

Unfortunatly, being told your line can't support it, is a BT responce to the attempted upgrade of your line.

You may try asking to see fi you can get a refund for your upgrade fee, if a manual is sucessful, where the automaticly one failed.

fob off.

why pay 14.99 to get jerked around even more...?
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help , ticket [17639592]

I've added more information on to your ticket.

Thanks Ben

After some clarification, My line is clearly capable of at least 2mbit.

which was pretty much expected from the signal strength indicators.