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help needed setting up BB


help needed setting up BB

I have just bought a new laptop for my daughter and before I send it over to her at uni I wanted to connect to the internet and download a few things for her.

The laptop is wireless enabled. My own PC is not. So I unplugged the modem from my own PC and plugged it into the laptop and ran the set up on the disk - the modem is Solwise SAR900 USB.

Tried it numerous times but can't get it to work. I never get as far as it asking me for my user name etc. Icons showing DSL are showing but theres no shortcut to plusnet.

The settings I have used are VPI: 0, VCI:38, PPPoA.

I wonder if the settings on the laptop are trying to connect wirelessly or something?

Can anyone perhaps help me?


as post

I sent you a PM a couple days back did you get it sorted out