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help needed.please.connection?


help needed.please.connection?

ive been a customer now for 18 days.and pn said to me that my connection will be unstable for up to 10 days,well its now 18 days and my speed changes from 2.2mbps to 6.2mbps.and my connection keeps going last night i left my pc on to download overnight to take advantage of the free usage and it lost its connection i checked this morning to see if my download was finished and surprise surprise it was offline again.
getting a bit fed up with the speed changes and disconnections to be honest.
any idea please.
many thanks.
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help needed.please.connection?

What ADSL equipment are you usingh?

Can you post the line stats (SNR, line attenuation) from your router/modem - details on what they are and how to find them are here.

Are all your phones, faxes, modems & sky boxes fitted with ADSL filters?

Have you tried a different ADSL filter?

Do you use DECT phones as these can interfere with ADSL if you are using cheap filters.

Have you tried with all phones disconnected?

Have you tried in the test socket behind the lower user removable panel on the master socket.

You have to try and eliminate local wiring / equipment from the problem before you can report it as a fault.

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