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help assistant = no help !!!!!

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help assistant = no help !!!!!

Is it just me or is it impossible to raise a question to plusnet about any problem we have without having to sit through the bloody help assistant.

It is a complete waste of time and only serves to overcomplicate the situation & further infuriate the customer.

It seems this is a plan by plusnet to limit the amount of complaints they recieve or have to deal with on a personal level, chosing to just leave it for an automated response.

Why can't there just be a section called raise your question here , and thats it !!

We can then expect a plusnet member to actually read it & then maybe respond :shock:

I know that sounds like an impossible task, but surely this must be the easiest part of the site to navigate for obvious reasons

:roll: Evil

help assistant = no help !!!!!

It takes three clicks to raise a question, you must have missed the option (it's not highlighted until you hover over it and is easily missed), it's on the right hand side of the page.

help assistant = no help !!!!!

Many questions asked belong in a FAQ, so it's only sensible for PN to try and stop you asking these and instead educate yourself via the website. After all, these FAQs only slow down the answer time to the real questions.

So do you want a slight inconvenience and faster ticket response times to real questions, or the ability to raise every question people have, and ticket times in weeks instead of days?
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help assistant = no help !!!!!

Hi bobbygeorge

If it were your job to answer such tickets, would you prefer a huge bin full of allsorts of questions relating to a huge range of topics.
Or would you prefer to have several tidy trays as it were, with a topic tag on the front of each tray indicating the type of question therein?

I know which I would prefer to deal with!

A system that uses a one bin catch-all, (as in a general "ask a question") is sooooo not good for productive workflow.

Help them to help you. It's a two way street tbh.
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help assistant = no help !!!!!


As others have said a lot of the questions that our customers want to ask us are already answered on the portal, part of the job of the Help Assistant is to help people to find these answers.

Of course not every question is covered within the help section and where we can we need to add the answers and again as suggested by otherwise the type of question you are asking will determine where the ticket goes internally and which of the teams within the CSC will answer it or whether it goes to a different department.