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have i been upgraded ?


have i been upgraded ?

Hi all have had no need to come here for a while but i am back for a quickie lol.

Today i have done a speed test on this very site and it says.

Your current speed is:

5.59 Mbps

Which means you can download at 714.91 KB/sec. from our servers.

Does this mean i have been upgraded from my 2mb connection, if so can someone tell me what.
"Which means you can download at 714.91 KB/sec. from our servers." means,

And where i can go and download at this speed, what are "OUR SERVERS"

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have i been upgraded ?

Yeah, that looks like you've been upgraded. As for the speed, that's the speed that you'll be able to download data at, though it will vary depending on the time of day and application that you're using.

As for 'our servers', that just referrs to our portal servers, though as already mentioned you should get similar speeds no matter where you download from.