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hallelujah ... and no thanks to plusnet

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Registered: 30-07-2007

hallelujah ... and no thanks to plusnet

Had to configure a new modem this afternoon since the other one died in a thunderstorm .... had a problem with the configuration (the ADSL username Pnet had given me back in Feb when I signed up to the new ADSL account didn't seem to work). Tried various things, but got nowhere. Rang the old 0845 Pnet number - OK that's now changed, so dialled up new one and tried a dozen times to get through to someone I could check the username with. Absolutely no luck ... this number is only manned by robots. Ok, so decided to try premium rate number. Dialled this 4 times. Each time it rang and rang and rang and eventually I got cut off.

I ended up posting a forelorn question on the new 'contact us' system on my neighbour's computer with the prospect of waiting nearly 13 hours for a reply.

How the h**ll are business - or any - users who can't get online supposed to get their questions answered? This customer service provision is worse than useless ... it actually drove me to tears of frustration.

As you can see, I've been with Pnet for years now (more than most people by the looks of things) and I have to say this technical support thing just has to get better. I'm tied into a yearly contract, but I'm going to be thinking really seriously of an alternative provider at the end of this year unless things don't improve.

Does the 0906 service only operate in business hours? If so, why doesn't someone let us know?

It so happens after some fiddling around and rebooting my PC and various other things, the modem now appears to be fully functional. But no thanks at all to Pnet.

For god's sake Pnet buck up your ideas and your service levels.