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given up on pn mail and hosting

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given up on pn mail and hosting

Well at last I have moved my e-mail and domain away from pn. The domain hosting was one of the reasons I moved to PN but with all the dns issues I can't be sre my mail is not disapearing into the ether every time a pn server takes a fit.

I asked for my mac earlier in the month and PN convinced me to stay saying things would get better, after waiting since the promises started almost a year ago, I thought I'll give them one last chance. The e-mail had two more issues since then and enough is enough.

I'm not happy that I'm paying for a service which does not work solidly for any longer than a few days to a week. I cannot trust pn with my e-mail any longer.

My connections basically always been stable etc. for the dns issues. I'll be keeping my bb connection for the time being but I'm still looking to move that as well.

Just one of many pn users fedup with email.