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getting to talk to PlusNet on the Phone ....


getting to talk to PlusNet on the Phone ....

I was just wondering if anybody else has had the same problem as me in actually getting in contact with a person on the phone at PlusNet as me.

They have been billing my credit card against my wishes and I'm unable to get to actually talk to somebody.

All that’s possible is to post questions to the support web based system and the responses there are less than helpful.

Right now I'm on hold in there telephone system and I've been there for 1 hour and 7 mins which is not good

Not really very good customer service really ...
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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getting to talk to PlusNet on the Phone ....


I'm sorry that you've had problems getting through to the support team. This is something that we doing our level best to get right, but it isn't a short term fix. You might want to take a look at this post made last week

I've replied to your ticket for you as well.

getting to talk to PlusNet on the Phone ....

What a different kind of response you get from PlusNet here by comparison to the reply to logged questions.

So for the rest of the world they have now debited my credit card with another months charges even though I have told them I don’t want the service anymore and still persist in demanding £47

I’ve been asking repeatedly to have a telephone conversation with these people and they continue to decline to do this – how rude can you be ….

Next step I guess will be that they will delete this message train as a way of covering up there steps

So as summary they have taken another £21.99 and still want the £47 to close the account even though I’d asked them to close the account some weeks ago.

So we can all see the difference between there private and there public response there follows Dave Tomlinson’s private response to me....

Go on Dave have the balls to do what the customer has been asking for which is a telephone conversation … you have my phone number …..

Dave’s Response ….

I have removed the card details from your account and no further payments will be taken from this card.

In order to cancel the account there is currently an outstanding cancellation fee of £47. In order to cancel this account this payment must be taken in full first.

You can make this payment by card (you can add a new card via the member centre) or you can send in a cheque for the payment to

PlusNet plc
PO Box 3704
Terry Street
S9 2WL

Dave Tomlinson

To administer your account and for all your help and support requirements visit