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getting annoyed now..


getting annoyed now..

ok i have been with plus net since force9 days so thats a while now.. never had any problems until now....

My modem which i purchased through PN is now playing up... it has suddenly stopped me connecting wirelessly.... i can connect if i use a cable but not through the wirless pc upstairs... this has only just happened.

Now i work in IT so i know these things happen.... but when a user of mine lodges a proble/ticket/question i get back to them that day even if i cannot fix it... i have 2 questions over 48 hrs old with no answer.... i am not even asking themk to fix something i just would like an answer... whats hard about hat..

My conclusion.... PN don't really care... i would love to be proved different... sadly its a sign of the times and the service we expect now a days..

i expect i will have to go out and buy a new modem.... if i can't manage to fix it myself..... suspect its curled its toes up anyway..

here's hoping .

getting annoyed now..

well thye have answered... and an apology for being slow.... yes they are busy and i work in and iIT department so know what it is like to be busy... but when i sy i'll get back to you in 8 hours ... i don't wait 48...