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getting a ticket answered


getting a ticket answered

I know that this is a fairly basic question but i would love an answer.

tried phoning waitied for over 1 hour and got cut off.

raised ticket went through the fault finding process and even did the mimimum 3 line test speeds at different times.

09-07-2006 11:08:12 985.8
08-07-2006 17:02:49 963.6
08-07-2006 12:42:01 990.7
08-07-2006 11:59:08 1395
30-05-2006 22:01:09 3079.2


now tell me on 8mb connection thats syncing at 4500 that i am not being throttled at less than 1000.

utter incompetance at the highest order it really is
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Re: getting a ticket answered

... did the mimimum 3 line test speeds at different times.

Are these from the bt speedtest, where you need to change your router/modem settings, or from the Plusnet Speedtest? What is your stable rate value (see link in my signature to access it)?


getting a ticket answered

Your High-speed Broadband Service

Your current broadband speed is 1000 Kbps

What does this speed mean?
This is the speed that the network supplier is telling us you should expect on your line. If your hardware is reporting higher speeds, you can try and automatically update this speed by disconnecting and reconnecting once a day for 3 days.

Find out more about up to 8Mb broadband by reading our high-speed broadband guide.

LOL 1000 when i have been on 2mb for 2 years now

getting a ticket answered

Be prepared for a generic fob off on your ticket.

getting a ticket answered

well the broadband fault checker automated thingy has just come back with

Broadband Fault Checker - Connection checks [ Completed ]

The Connection checks have now completed

Test result summary: Fail

so seems like a) theres a fualt and b) its on plusnets side. so lets see how quick they resolve it, obviously it wont be as quick as they impose restrictions or new terms on people Cheesy