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I use this server to load data to my website every five minutes. Due to problems in the past with the orginal ftp server I was advised by yourselfs to swap over to this server.
No problems for ages until recently when on odd days the old time out problem re-occures. The problems last a day then clear up until today when there has been several times out and no access to server for several hours.
Has there been any work done on this server today ??
My internet connection has been up as another data feed to another service hasn't failed at all so it's pointing to a problem with the ftp server again.
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There's nothing been changed on the servers recently. Though if you're having problems with ftp2 it might be worth giving the regular ftp server a try. Failing this, raise a ticket through to the support team and they can look into it further for you.
N/A Problems

Unless you've update the orginal server it won't be worthwhile as this was horrendous.

Looks like it's happening again this morning as well. I'll keep an eye on things.

Last time I raised a Ticket about this it was a very frustrating as the technical team closed the ticket if I said the problem maybe fixed but I was still monitoring the performance. I then had to start the whole question and answer over again as they didn't seem capable of reading the previous ticket.
N/A Problems

Unusable performance today so I'll raise a ticket unless the orginal FTP servers have been upgraded since last years
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We introduced ftp2 because some customers were having problems using FTP when the servers were behind the Alteon load balancers.

Since then AFAIK we have removed the Alteons from service and used different loadbalancers, so you may well be able to use without problem.
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Well today was basically unusable. I've switched back to and hopefully it will work. without any problems.

Interesting you mention you did a change as tech support kept telling me there wasn't a problem at the time and it was my machine. This despite being able to upload any other server and the problem being replicated elsewhere with different machines and networks.

I only got a solution here after I raised a topic asking if other people had problems and a lot had. The strange thing was that via Dos there wasn't a problem. It only occured via Windows FTP programs which was wierd.

I've raised a Ticket for the in case there is a problem.
N/A Problems

Sadly this has been confused by disconnects this evening. Hopefully I haven't caught this bug as well.
N/A Problems is not working for me either, but is.