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from signup to download - how long?


from signup to download - how long?

Morning all,

As a returning PlusNet customer (didn't go elsewhere, just moved around a bit and now need some broadband), I completed signup yesterday afternoon.

I was just wondering, in a very ball-park figure sort of way, roughly how long it takes until the whole process is complete. I know about (and am using) your (excellent) progress tracker so I know where I am in relation to everything else, but I was just curious about the timescales.

(my line is already ADSL ready)

If anyone has any rough estimates, that would be super - thanks!

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from signup to download - how long?

New ADSL activations (as opposed to a migration which I think you are not talking about here) typically take 7 -> 10 working days but often they are around 5 -> 7 days.

BUT... it depends on a number of factors:

1) If ADSL is currently enabled on your line from another provider this can delay things i.e. you moved in to a new house but the previous occupants did not cancel ADSL or it is in the process of being cancelled. In this case the ISP tag has to first be removed from the line (how long this will take is unknown - could be days or weeks) before PN can place the order

2) If this is a new phone line it can take longer as the BT databases and BT W databases have to know about the line before ADSL can be ordered on it.

3) If you moved and took your phone number with you that can delay things by several weeks.

from signup to download - how long?


Thanks for the quick response.

Yeah, it isn't a migration, but the line is already ready for ADSL (it's had it before, apparently...months ago though and no tag on it). We've actually been in the property 6 months already so the line isn't brand new or recently activated or anything.

I was never sure how much of the 7ish days I've waited in the past were down to the "ADSL-ification" of the line (which I understood took the majority of the time).

I'm just being impatient really!! I shall go home and rearrange the router for better wifi gain in readiness instead!
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from signup to download - how long?

Hi there,

You're generally looking at aroud 7 - 10 days for activation. Longer if you have opted to wait for the Direct Debit to clear, and not pay the intial fee by Card. That is assuming that your line is clear.

However, I can see that your order has been submitted to BT and should be progressed. If there are any problems with the order, we'll hear within the next 24 hours or so. Otherwise you're looking at next Friday (most probably) for activation.

from signup to download - how long?


Thanks for letting me know all that. Cheesy

from signup to download - how long?

and the answer is:

5 working days. Cheesy

I'm very impressed! Thanks!
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from signup to download - how long?

Good stuff.

Glad to see you back. Smiley