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force9 broadband and phone £20.99


force9 broadband and phone £20.99

Cry When I first saw this on the f9 site I thought great I can stay with my ISP and have my phone and save money but then I read all about it and it is'nt a patch on what talktalk are offering I'm on broadband premium option 1 so I'll have to pay alot more than £20.99 which is so unfair, my friend has signed up for talktalk and has had his phone switched on 05/05/06 so now he gets all his calls free as the deal he's on is upto 8mb 40gb download per month unlimited phone calls and his broadband which he will get sometime this month all for £20.99 so come on f9 you want to compete so do the right thing and offer like for like services not a taster, as if your offer does'nt get better then I'm one customer your gonna lose for sure, Cry teresa
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force9 broadband and phone £20.99

I have to say I think F9 should be doing the opposite, there is no way to realistically compete with companies like that especially since F9 don't provide that type of phone service.
F9 should stop trying to compete with the other ISP's and trying to be the cheapest they should be offering better quality service for more, I would quite happily pay more if I could get a better service in terms of customer support response times and there willingness to help with other things.
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force9 broadband and phone £20.99

This is indeed a crazy time for ISPs at the moment :/
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Re: force9 broadband and phone £20.99

Cry When I first saw this on the f9 site I thought great I can stay with my ISP and have my phone and save money but then I read all about it and it is'nt a patch on what talktalk are offering

Completely agree. I only have an analogue line because I have to have it to get ADSL. I very rarely use the phone, I have a mobile or VoIP for that, so it's pretty much £11.00 a month down the drain for me.

Here's an idea - a cheap line-only analogue phone service. No inclusive minutes, no cheap international calls, no voicemail, nothing. Just a phone line with CLI presentation on incoming calls, and reasonable-cost outgoing. You could even offer it as a throw-in instead of the 240 minutes of PlusTalk on Broadband Premier.

I'm waiting on one of the guys at work to tell me what TalkTalk's broadband is like, then I'm probably going to move. Something like this would keep me at F9.


force9 broadband and phone £20.99

Hi guys,

I think the problem for F9 PlusNet is that first and foremost they have always been an internet service providor & nothing else. Internet provision has always been their core business but recently other companies have been merging, being taken over and many tecnhologies are being bundled into customer packages in away thats not been seen before. As costs are coming down due to competing in the industry, getting profits is getting harder and harder, so the only way left now to make money is to bundle services together.

I think that so called three play (phone, TV & internet access) and quad play (phone, TV, internet access and mobile) are taking more and more share of the market in the telecoms arena. Sadly in F9's case its looking increasingly like they didnt want to be left behined or found with their pants down. But whilst PlusTalk sounds great the costs dont add up as you have already work out yourselves. Further, I found PlusTalk so aweful that I ditched it ASAP, its never going to be able to compete with the likes of TalkTalk or other VOIP services I just dont think its good enough.

**But, can TalkTalk REALLY provide an excellent high speed,high quality broadband conection with the customer service and technical support to back it up, some how I have my doubtes. Yes! customers may get so called free broadband (which isnt free really because its being sold like a lost leader because the real profit and real money is in selling customers a phone service). Well time will prove one way or another.

**Dont be fooled by the so called "Free" broadband, its only a marketing trick IMO and if its free then dont be suprised if its utterly aweful.

**You definately get what you pay for when it comes to broadband.