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what are the best firewalls around.


the best or the cheapest?

ZoneAlarm is good

SyGate was good but is now Norton so Ill leave you to make your own mind up

IPCOP ( Linux based machine acting like a router and firewall ) this is a good one ive been told and you can role play with this. Your Plusnet and your partner is the punter and you get to limit the traffic etc. ( Nothing intended bar a little fun Wink )

Thats all I can suggest really as I rely a lot on my router and then have a small software firewall running.


Hi there,

In addition to Toms suggestions,

The excellent Essential Security Software contains some very helpful information and recommendations on all aspects of system security and includes a number of firewall recommendations.

Well worth a read.

Hope that helps.


IPCop is the best by far....well imo anyway.

And if you are looking for one preconfigured, I can offer my services....... :lol:

All you'll need is an old scrapper of a PC and the ISO image from
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Hi dabadoo,

You may have seen a post I made about a week ago.

If you have several machines that you need to protect on the way out as well as in, then have a look at putting up a separate machine running something like ipcop or Endian, that is in series with you modem to the outside world. Endian is neat since it includes a firewall. proxy server, IDS, Cache and virus inspection all in the one software suite - - It also runs the SNORT rules that you can get from Sourceforge or Snort themselves

cheers, Mie



Endian seems well worth a look. It has the same feature set as IPCop but the addition of AV is a bonus. I may have to drag another scrapper out of the attic to have a play with it........there goes the rest of the weekend!!!!