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emailing outside plusnet


emailing outside plusnet


I would like to know how to send emails on the domain email address outside of my broardband connection.

Basically I got a PDA with web and walk with t-mobile - i can send/recieve with comapny exch which is cool but for personal email id like to send and recieve on my pop account. I can recieve but not send.

Is there a way I can authenticate on so i can send my personal emails.

I dont know if i can use a t-mobile smtp or not (prob not as domain not on their systems)

any ideas?



emailing outside plusnet

Sending emails from a connection other than a Plusnet connection via smtp is not possible.

There used to be a package for about £1.99 a month which would allow you to do that, but I think this has now been withdrawn.

The only way you could do it is by using a public smtp relay or even webmail
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emailing outside plusnet

having setup enough company PDA's, all you need to so is set your POP3 as you have to download your mail, and then use your corp login details (domain\username) to use your Exch server to act as the SMTP server, on the understanding that your device has been configured for the company network.

your other alternative is to use t-mobile's pre-set SMTP server. Details here:

A very useful page:

T-Mobile GPRS WAP settings:

Homepage: or
GPRS APN address:
Gateway (IP) address : or
Username : user or wapuser
Password: wap
Session type: Continuous / permanent
Port number: 8080 or 9201
Authentication: Normal

SMTP email server:

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