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eMail spam / virus reporting


eMail spam / virus reporting

Had a look on the website and can't see anywhere to report three emails received that look like they are virus based (readme.exe xxx.pif doc.scr)

Not opened them, of course, but should they be setup and banned from email system or something?

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eMail spam / virus reporting

There is a virus checking service available (details on ) which should detect these (although I believe it may not be detecting the latest viri).
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eMail spam / virus reporting

It sounds like the customary virus spam of which there are millions of others. If it were possible to ban them we would all be jumping for joy.

Do you have a virus scanner installed. If not I strongly advise you to get one and protect yourself from this in the future.

Just delete them, there is nothing you can do to stop them as the sender will have been spoofed (i.e hidden by using someone elses address) so replying to it will have no effect. There is also nothing PlusNet can do about them either as they will not be able to trace their origin.


Peter Cool