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e-mail problems more than "a" usernames?


e-mail problems more than "a" usernames?

Is PN aware the e-mail problems are affecting more customers than those with usernames beginning "a?"Or do I have a different problem? No e-mail for couple days. I read it's because the "a" accounts have been transfered to new system. Which wouldn't affect me. So is there something else going on?

Do I need to let PN know I don't have e-mail (and clog up their customer "support" - humph! - even more) or are they already aware and working on it?

Apologies if this has already been answered.


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e-mail problems more than "a" usernames?


The recent problems are affecting a cross-section of our customer base, not just those beginning with 'a'. The authentication issues should be resolved today. Please visit the Service Status page for more information:
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Email problems

The problems are weird, because most mailboxes are working now, but I still have on e mailbox that won't authenticate


e-mail problems more than "a" usernames?

Same here. I have two email boxes working, but two that fail the password verification stage. Odd. :?

email address

Can anybody help me please
I have been with PN for about 4 years now, and about 3 to 4 months ago somebody used my email address and it is being bombarded with spam from MAILER DOMAIN failure to send message and also with postmaster the same thing.
I have a spam filter insitu which copes with the bulk of it but I still get bombarded with these unwanted spam mails.
I have contacted support who sent me the link for changing or getting a new address but it is like double dutch to me.
Anybody who can assist in giving me the lay mans terms in plain good old english please help

e-mail problems more than "a" usernames?

PN has 2 options for spam.

Option 1 Blackhole a mailbox so anything sent to this mailbox will not be delivered to you. Normally this will be your default mailbox.
The mailbox alias is the part of the address before the @ sign, e.g. and if you host a domain,

Options 2 Block emails from a specific domain
You can setup our mail system to block email sent from a specific web address or domain, e.g. or

Any emails sent from this location will be automatically deleted before they reach your mailbox.

You are the only person that can decide which is the better option.